Photo of Porter Valley by Rod Egglestone


As one of its objectives NADFAS aims to inspire young people with an enthusiasm for the arts and conservation. It encourages individual societies to promote high quality arts activities for young people. Projects embrace a wide range of activities and may include partnerships with other local and national bodies.

In keeping with Sheffield’s tradition as a centre for silversmithing, for four years we co-funded, with the Sheffield Decorative and Fine Arts Society, a bursary for a student in the Metalwork and Jewellery Department of Sheffield Hallam University.  The student who won the module “designing for clients”, which has to include a pouring item in silver, was supplied with the metal to realise the design. Over the years, the winning items have formed a collection which has been displayed in the Millennium Gallery and further afield.

Over many years, we have continued to  support “W.O.R.K” (Worthwhile Occupational and Recreational Krafts), an independent charity providing art and craft training for young adults with learning difficulties. Grants have enabled the charity to purchase glass cutting tools. As a result learners have participated in a European project to create a glass triptych (right) illustrating the Sheffield region in 2008. The group travelled to Brussels to present the work.