Photo of Porter Valley by Rod Egglestone


Lecture Programme 2019 - 2020

September 18th 2019

Annual General Meeting followed by:

'The Bauhaus 1919-1933 One Hundred Years of Modern Design'

Anne Anderson ,who is Hon. Associate Professor at Exeter University, will outline the influence of this radical design ethos on architecture and on the manufacture of furniture and other domestic items during the 100 years since its inception.

October 16th 2019

'Cosmonauts and Cotton Pickers – Soviet Central Asian Mosaics and the use of public art as propaganda'

Chris Alexander, who has spent much of his life living and working in Central Asia, explores the birth of the Soviet mosaic from its roots in Islamic mosaics and Communist propaganda posters through to the question of preservation in post-Soviet Central Asia.

November 20th 2019

'Peasant Pastimes? The art of Pieter Bruegel the Elder'

Sophie Oosterwijk, a very experienced lecturer who was born in the Netherlands, will show us that Bruegel, who died in 1569, had a far wider portfolio than the peasant paintings for which he is so well known.

January 15th 2020

'The Field of Cloth of Gold-- 6,000 Englishmen in France for 18 days—how did they do it?

(2020  is the 500th Anniversary of this event)

Jo Maybutt, who is a musician and decorative artist, recounts the story of the extraordinary meeting in June 1520 of Henry VIII and Francis I to ratify the Anglo-French Alliance and celebrate the betrothal of Henry's daughter Mary to the Dauphin.

February 19th 2020

'From Holbein to Byrd; the Art and Music of the Tudor Century'

Behind the Tudors and their turbulent century, a great cultural awakening arises transforming the medieval world it replaced. Mark Cottle aims to capture something of the depth, breadth and vitality

of a century discovering New Worlds as much cultural as geographical.

March 18th 2020

'Inside the 21st Century Global Art Market'

This talk by art historian Thomas Flynn explores some of the prevailing business practices used in the global art market today and asks important questions about the ethics at work in one of the last unregulated markets where prices seem to rise to evermore eye watering heights.

April 15th 2020

'Two Great Collectors and a Dastardly Disperser: Kings Charles I and II and Oliver Cromwell'

Previously working for the Foreign Office and then Private Secretary to the members of the Royal Household, Oliver Everett was Librarian in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle. He will guide us through the collections of Kings Charles I and II before their dispersement by Oliver Cromwell.

May 20th 2020

'Indians, Buffalo and Storms: the American West in 19th Century Art'

As grandson of the founder of the independent publishing house, Tony Faber has a unique background. This lecture portrays the grandeur and taming of America's west illustrated by some of the most monumental paintings ever conceived.

June 17th 2020

'The Architecture of the British Raj is remarkable: let's celebrate it'

Anthony Peers is a freelance historic buildings consultant who will give an account of colonial architecture in India – the buildings, their history and their future, particularly in the light of  evolving attitudes in India towards the British Empire and recent restoration of the University of Mumbai's Gothic Revival Buildings.

September 16th 2020

Annual General Meeting followed by:

'The Legendary Lee Miller'

Antony Penrose, son and biographer of  Lee Miller the American surrealist photographer, will describe the life of a talented and courageous woman who was also a free spirit and trail blazer. The story is told with reference to those with whom she exchanged creative inspiration including Roland Penrose and Pablo Picasso.

Lectures are held in:

Tapton Hall,

Shore Lane,

Sheffield S10 3BU

Lectures start promptly at 7.30pm

Please be seated by 7.15pm.

Lectures start at 7:30 p.m sharp

Please be seated by 7:15 p.m