Photo of Porter Valley by Rod Egglestone


It is one of the principles  of  The Arts Society  that  local  societies  should  foster initiatives  in their local area. Accordingly, in our 2016/2017 season, we contacted Sheffield Museums, seeking a manageable project to support.  

Sheffield Museums have plenty of artefacts in store, but many are in poor condition and the budget for restoration is severely limited.  They showed us  an attractive painting of a “View of Sheffield from Heeley” by an unknown artist, probably done in the nineteenth century, and we decided to contribute to their costs of having it cleaned and restored.  This interesting photo shows the project half done.  The completely restored picture now hangs in the Social  History  section  at  the  Mappin Gallery  at  Weston Park Museum.

We were so pleased with the result of this project that we decided to to support another picture restoration in our  2017/2018 season.

This time, we chose a picture entitled “Hampstead Backs”, by Charles Mahoney RA (1903 to 1968).  He studied at the Royal College of Art, RCA, from 1922 to 1926 and taught there from 1928 to 1953.  A prolific artist, he became well known for mural works.  This work is believed to be a very early work, possibly done while he was still a student.