Photo of Porter Valley by Rod Egglestone


The Arts Society  is a leading arts charity which works to advance decorative and fine arts education and appreciation, alongside promoting the conservation, documentation and research of our artistic heritage. The Arts Society opens up the world of the arts for everyone to enjoy, learn, participate in, and preserve.  

Founded (as The National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies) in 1968 by Patricia Fay initially with eleven member societies, it now has over 400 societies in the UK, mainland Europe, New Zealand and Australia, numbering over 98,000 members in all.

A central activity of The Arts Society is the accreditation of  some 300 lecturers with over 4,000 lecture titles between them. Feedback is collected from the societies on the lecturers’ performance, and this is made available to all societies.  This system of quality control ensures the maintenance of the highest standard of  information and entertainment for our members.

The Arts Society encourages voluntary work within local societies to maintain and document materials of artistic importance and to record the contents of local churches. The Society  also provides grants and encouragement to young people interested in the arts.

At a national level The Society gives a variety of grants to museums, galleries, arts and conservation projects involving arts for the young.

A quarterly magazine is published

quarterly and circulated to each member.

                   The Autumn 2018 edition